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Starshine Studios Performance Group Level

2018-2019 Fee Schedule and Studio Policies



Monthly Tuition:

                                        First class up to 55 minutes/week                          $49/month

                            60-90 minutes of Technique Classes/week         $69/month

                            1¾-2 hours Technique Classes/week                     $79/month

                            2¼-3 hours Technique Classes/week                     $109/ month

                            Unlimited Technique Classes /week                       $129*/month


*Student must register for classes in advance, this is not a "drop-in" program; it is designed for performers that truly want to SHINE! 

Drop-In Classes $20 

$5 Sibling Discount (per family) off of total monthly tuition.


Registration Fee:  

Annual Registration Fee is from September 2018-August 2019 and includes:

  • Participation Insurance

  • Annual Studio Concert fee (helps cover the cost of venue rental)

  • Up to Two additional performance opportunities (Senior Center and Cottages for Children)

  • Participation in parades and studio-sponsored activities/events   

  • Performance t-shirt (worn during parades, performances, and demonstrations, excluding Annual Studio Concert)    


Individual             $50            Family (up to 4)        $75         additional family      $15 each

The registration fee will be charged at the time of registration along with first month's tuition. 

The Registration Fee will not be pro-rated.


Annual Concert Costume Fee:

Our annual concert is held in mid-May and all Starshine classes participate.  Costumes are selected for

each class with consideration of style, quality, usability, appearance, and comfort (as much as possible). 

Costumes will also be used for participation in competitions throughout the Spring and Summer

Competitions and Performances.

Costume Fee:       $50 per costume/ per class


Performance Fees:

Starshine Studios performs several times a year including parades, Cottages for Children in December, a Senior Center performance, the Spring Recital, and other opportunities.  The performance/recital fees are included in the registration fee. Competition fees, workshops, and master class fees are additional for students that desire those opportunities


Studio Policies:

The studio season runs from September 1 2018 through May 31, 2019.  Registration is a commitment for the entire season.  Early withdrawal from the program requires 30 days written notice mailed to: Starshine Studios 520 N. Main St., Unit D Heber City, UT 84032. Failure to follow these steps will result in the next month's tuition being charged. Tuition is due by the 5th of each month. A late fee of $20 is assessed after the 10th of the month. Unpaid tuition will result in student being denied admission to classes until tuition is paid. Delinquent accounts may be turned over to collections after 45 days and are subject to additional fees, legal fees, and applicable interest.  $30 fee is assessed on all declined tuition payments through the Automatic Payment System. Tuition and Registration Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

5 students must be registered for the class to continue.  If a class is cancelled due to lack of enrollment, the student will be given the option of choosing another available class, credit paid tuition towards private/semi-private lessons, or receive a refund, minus classes held. Class size limited to 10 students for preschool classes 12 students for all other classes to ensure that every student receives personal attention.  Additionally, classes may have an Assistant Teacher to maintain the highest standards. Registration is accepted on a first come/first served basis. A waitlist will be started for full classes. Class times/days are subject to change based on demand, instructor availability, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Starshine Studios follows the Wasatch County School District schedule.  Generally, if there is no school, then there are no classes at the studio, unless an extra practice is scheduled due to an upcoming performance or competition. Written notice will be sent home and posted in the studio if there is an additional practice scheduled.  Monthly tuition is not adjusted due to holidays or district scheduled breaks because some months there are 3 classes, others have 5, most have 4; in addition to performances, parties, parades, and other events.


Students desiring to change or add additional classes will be allowed to do so provided that there is space in the desired class.  Change/Add forms are available at the front desk to make sure that the desired change is processed appropriately and in a timely manner.  Please submit the form to the front desk and an email confirmation will be sent to confirm the change and detail the new fee amount.


Starshine Studios operates as a positive, diverse, and supportive studio and all participants and parents are expected to behave in a way that reflects these traits.  Students do not have to be best friends, but they must be respectful of themselves, the teachers and staff, and other students.  Failure to demonstrate these values may result in the student being released from the program, without refund of paid tuition or fees. 


Students are expected to attend their registered classes regularly. If there is an absence, no adjustment will be made to tuition. The space is reserved for the participant for the season.  If your child is sick, please keep them home to reduce the risk of exposing others to illness.  A make-up class may be available if there is a similar class offered, at the Director's discretion.  It is also expected that students should arrive on time or early for their scheduled class prepared to participate. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and in the bathroom.  Please encourage your student to wash hands and use hand sanitizer, as needed. 


Class Attire:

Starshine Studios aspires to find a balance between the classic appearance of performance arts classes with the desire for personal expression and consideration for the financial investment of specific attire.  Students participate at a higher level when they are dressed for the activity that they are attending.  Please review the Class Attire Notice for the specific class dress and shoe requirements.  Always bring the designated dance shoes for any classes that require footwear. Please note that all participants must have hair neatly secured back from face, no jewelry, and clean hands and face.  Personal hygiene is very important and helps keep classes a fun and hospitable opportunity for all participants.  Please discuss this with your student to encourage them to maintain their own personal level of excellence.


Personal Belongings:

Please encourage students to leave valuables, electronics, and jewelry at home.  Also, remind them to check and make sure that they have collected all of their personal items, clothing, and shoes before leaving the studio.  Make sure that all dance shoes, dance bags, and props have student's name clearly marked, so if lost item can be promptly returned.  Students should bring a filled water bottle, with their name on it, to each class to maintain hydration. Sodas, juices, and sports drinks are not allowed in the studio.


Questions?  Please do not hesitate to stop at the front desk to schedule an appointment with the Director to

discuss any concerns or necessary considerations.  You may also call the studio at 801-560-6699

or email at to schedule an appointment.

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